The intelligent Pipeline Integrity Program (iPIPE) is an industry-led consortium whose focus is to contribute to the advancement of near-commercial, emerging technologies to prevent and detect leaks from gathering pipelines. The program is a direct response to North Dakota Governor Burgum’s May 2017 challenge to industry to think outside the box and apply new technology to address the challenge of eliminating pipeline leaks.

Because the state of North Dakota’s jurisdiction on pipelines is with liquids gathering pipelines, this is our initial focus. However, we anticipate that many of the technologies advanced through this program will have applications in other pipeline sectors, as well.

At the onset, this program is funding approximately $4 million in development and demonstration activities over the course of almost 4 years. As additional pipeline operators join the program as members, further funding will be applied to more technology development efforts.

Leak Prevention Leak Detection

The purpose of the consortium is to collaboratively develop new approaches and new technologies to improve gathering pipeline leak prevention and leak detection.

Our Partners

The iPIPE Program’s partners contribute research and development dollars to advance new technologies in pipeline leak detection and leak prevention. Partners participate in research forum meetings, and have immediate access to research and development results. Thank you to our partners:

Technology Selection

iPIPE is continuously seeking to evaluate new and emerging technologies for possible selection by the program for co-investment toward development and commercialization of promising technologies. Each year, the Energy & Environmental Research Center assembles promising emerging technologies through a Request for Proposal process. Proposals that are deemed to fit within the mission of iPIPE are accepted for review by the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee entertains 30-minute presentations from all proposers on a specified date at a specified location, then quickly makes their decision on which technologies to pursue for development and demonstration activities that year.


Benefits of membership in this consortium include:

  • Your company’s Research & Development (R&D) dollars leveraged by
    resources from other companies facing similar issues and from the state of North Dakota.
  • Participation in research forum meetings.
  • Control over selection of R&D projects.
  • Immediate access to R&D results that yield new approaches to leak detection and leak prevention.
  • Tools for improved public relations.
  • Proof of good faith efforts to regulators.

Benefits for selected technology providers include:

  • Co-funding for additional development efforts.
  • Volunteer sites for demonstration on operating pipelines.
  • Ready list of potential invested customers upon successful demonstration.

Benefits for all participating technology providers, regardless of selection status:

  • Increased visibility to industry customers.
  • Increased knowledge of industry demands via a coached proposal process.
  • Increased understanding of competing technologies.


To inquire about becoming at partner or a technology provider, contact Jay Almlie. For media inquiries, contact Nikki Massmann.




Jay Almlie

Principal Engineer
Phone: (701) 777-5260

Nikki Massman

Director of Communications
Phone: (701) 777-5428